Spray Tan FAQ's and Prep Information


Follow these instructions to have a flawless spray tan!

Spray Tan FAQ's


So you've never had a Spray Tan before and your terrified of turning that awful orange streaky color. Continue reading for all the information you need to know to have a positive first spray tanning experience and learn how to achieve a gorgeous natural-looking tan. If you don't see your question below please don't hesitate to contact us!


Do you offer Spray Tans in my area?


Healthy Glow Custom Spray Tanning is available in studio at 108 Van Rensselaer, Rensselaer IN by appointment and for parties of 3 or more in your home. 


How long will my Spray Tan last?


This can depend on how the person takes care of their skin and if they have exfoliated well. A good standard is anywhere from 5-9 days on well cared for skin. 


Will my Spray Tan turn orange?


This depends on the solution and the tan technicians abilities. Here at Healthy Glow we use quality products from Norvell and technicians that have mastered applying techniques. No you will not turn orange. 


Does the Spray Tan solution have a bad odor? 


No most of the time it has a very nice smell. Most quality DHA solutions have a good smell or no smell at all. Those that are cheaper like you get from a spray tan booth such as Mystic Tan will give that bad smell. Although you dont get that initial spray tan smell after you've had the solution on for awhile before showing you may start to smell that, but it will go away after your first rinse. 


How long does it take to get a Spray Tan?


The Average time is 10-15 minutes for application and 2-5 mintutes to dry. The entire process should take no longer then 30 minutes. 


How long should I wait to shower?


This depends on the solution used on you. We have a rapid tan solution that should be rinsed off no later than 6 hours, but for most normal solutions you should wait between 12-24 hours to rinse and reveal your gorgeous natural glow. 


Should I moisterize before or after my Spray Tan?


You should NEVER moisturize before getting a Spray Tan or it could cause streaking. After your Spray Tan and you have done your first rinse you should apply a good moisturizer to help the life of your tan. We recommend Kahuna Bay Sunless Tan Extender. It has bronzers in it to help keep your skin moisterized and tan. 


Will the Spray Tan rub off on my clothes or bed sheets?


There is a chance of the bronzers rubbing off on your clothes but should wash out with soap and water fairly easily. We recommend wearing loose fitting dark clothing for this purpose. If you are sleeping in the bronzer before showering then we do recommend sleeping on dark sheets. We do have a clear solution that has no bronzer that is perfect for brides. 


How far in advance should I book my Spray Tan for my wedding?


We recommend all brides setup a consultation Spray Tan at least 3-4 weeks before their wedding. This allows us to look at your skin tone and find the best match for you in advance. This will give the bride comfort in knowing what the tan will look like. Then schedule the actual tan for 2-3 days before the wedding. The  consultation Spray Tan only cost $10!


Will the Spray Tan solution discolor my hair?


We use disposible hair caps or headbands to cover your hair but if it does get on your hair it should wash out. 


Can I workout after getting my Spray Tan?


We recommend at waiting at least until after your first rinse or if possible wait 24 hours before disrupting the DHA process. By sweating you could streak it. Waiting 24 hours and working out after rinsing takes that risk down considerably. 



Spray Tan Prep


Once you contact Healthy Glow Spray Tan you need to do a few things before actually getting a Spray Tan. If you follow these steps you will have a great long lasting tan.


Step 1: The night before your Spray Tan you should properly exfoliate and shave your legs if needed. Use an exfoliating wash and an exfoliating mitt to get all the dead skin off. Alot of clients have luck using a sulfate free shampoo because it tends to take all oil off the skin. Don't put on any lotion, deodorant or perfume. 



Step 2: During the Spray Tan you can wear your bathing suit, bra and underwear or nothing. We do have disposable thong underwear you can wear if requested. (Sorry males you must wear your swim suits). This is up to you and what you're comfortable in and if you care about tan lines. Wear a dark suimsuit if possible or one you dont care about getting dirty. They will more then likely come clean but just in case. 



Step 3: You should plan to wear dark lose fitting clothing such as t shirts or sweatshirts if its cold out. You should plan to sleep in those clothing that night as well.  If possible try not to wear a bra or anything tight fitting. Some clients even use older clothes and sheets just incase of the bronzer rubbing off. STAY AWAY FROM WATER UNTIL YOUR FIRST SHOWER!!! Do not let ANY water get on your until you shower or you could be left with dots or streaks. 



Step 4: The next day we recommend taking a shower. Just do a warm water rinse for this first shower. Meaning no soap or srubbing just warm water to wash off the bronzer. Wait until 12-24 hours to shower. The solution will develop until 24 hours. The longer you wait to wash off the darker the tan will be. The Average time is 10-15 minutes for application and 2-5 mintutes to dry. The entire process including setup and tear down should take no longer then 30 minutes. You may see some darkness going down the drain do not worry, thats just the bronzer not your tan. 


Step 5: For your remaining showers DO NOT use a loofah or wash cloth. Until your tan starts to exfoiliate off on its own don't scrub. You can use soap just dont scrub and only use your hand to wash. Once your tan starts to exfoiliate then you can get your loofah out and start scrubbing it off. Baby oil is a great way get that remaining tan off.